Superior Accounting & Review

With respect to client reporting, the Vintage Realty Company
philosophy is “tell us what you want, we will provide it.”

Many of our clients receive extensive operational, leasing and marketing reports customized to meet their individual needs. Others appreciate the added value we can provide in assisting with the generation of strategic plans, cash flow modeling, valuation assessments and other creative reporting enhancements.
We have the necessary trained staff to effect a smooth and transparent transition in management reporting for your accounts. We provide our clients with a varied degree of operational and leasing reports and tools as desired.

Data Processing Support

Vintage Realty Company’s Information Systems personnel produce and provide programming support to a full spectrum of financial reports via accounting systems. In addition to processing financial statements, balance sheets, general ledger, accounts receivable and accounts payable reports, data processing/programming personnel program and assist in the generation of reports such as job costs, cost allocation, cash flow and special reports which are requested by property owners.

Vintage Realty Company’s Information Systems personnel are directly involved in the installation of computer hardware and system software as well as providing on-site training for users.

Accounting Support

The Vintage Realty Company Accounting Department offers a background of specialized asset-oriented accounting to assist management. The Controller supervises department staff experienced in producing reports which will be in accordance with the client’s requirements. Under the direction of the Controller, this department continually monitors the processing of accounts payables and receivables and validates accounting oriented data prior to final incorporation into financial documents.

The detailed financial and accounting standards mandated as part of our company policy ensure that all assets receive complete, comprehensive and timely information regarding their present financial status.

Items specifically addressed include the following:

  • Receivables
  • Petty Cash
  • Rent Roll
  • Cash Discounts
  • Lease Abstracts
  • Budget Preparation
  • Tenant Billings
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Cost Center Accounting
  • Balance Sheet
  • Escalations & Adjustments
  • Variance Reports
  • Security Deposits
  • Cash Flows
  • Delinquency Reports
  • Monthly Reports
  • Collections Procedures
  • General Ledger
  • Parking Rent
  • Payables
  • Cash Management

The Vintage Realty Company accounting staff consists of highly qualified degreed individuals who are responsible for review and processing of financial data for each property. The average tenure of the accounting staff is 10 years while the average experience in their field is in excess of 20 years.

The MRI Accounting System is our basic property accounting system and as such provides a full range of financial reporting and extreme format flexibility. This system allows for direct account access (via modem) to current financial/lease related information at the owner’s designated location.

Some significant features of MRI utilized by Vintage Realty Company include:

  • Various security levels and control points
  • Date-sensitive transaction management
  • Unlimited historical data capacity
  • Simultaneous tracking of cash and accrual books
  • Multiple budgets/revisions per entity
  • Powerful report writing

Utilizing the system’s strengths, Vintage Realty Company data processing and accounting personnel share a division of responsibilities which provides for efficient data entry and reporting while ensuring solid internal control over data integrity. As documented within Vintage Realty Company’s policy and procedure manuals, these carefully crafted job functions work to take best advantage of our automated systems in providing our clients with a “custom-fit” financial management solution.

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