Information shared from the Northwest Louisiana YMCA Podcast Series.

The YMCA NWLA recorded the first installment of a new podcast interview series, “Shreveport-Bossier: My City, My Community, My Home.” on March 17, 2022.

Here are the eight questions asked:
1. You have done something many others envy. You have some way, somehow, convinced all three of your kids to stay and raise their families in Shreveport? With regards to this, what do you attribute your success to and do you have any advice for others hoping to achieve a similar result?

2. Can you talk about some of the people in the community who inspire you? What business owners and/or organizations currently get you excited by the work they are doing?

3. You are the owner of Vintage Realty. Can you explain a little about the type of work that Vintage does? What are a few of Vintage’s current projects?

4. Are there particular cities around the country that provide examples to you of what Shreveport should aspire to in the future? If so, can you talk about a few of the cities and the characteristics of them you feel we should strive to emulate?

5. As a local employer, what are some of the challenges you face recruiting and retaining people?

6. I’ve known you for a long time and am always struck by your upbeat, optimistic nature. What makes you prideful of your community?

7. What is holding us back?

8. What will propel us forward?

The entire interview can be found here:


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