If you are experiencing successful growing pains for your medical or dental practice it may be time to expand and lease new office space. While choosing the best locations in Shreveport, Louisiana is at the top of the list, the most important consideration is signing a lease that is right for your practice. Medical office space can be more difficult to find than commercial office space. The following three questions are a great place to start to help guide you through the process of what to do before leasing commercial medical office space.

1. Where is the right location for my patients?

Arguably, one of the most important questions you can ask is if your office space is accessible for your patients. The location needs to be conveniently located near public transportation and parking. Drive time and commute is another factor to consider when deciding on the location. So, if your practice is located in the suburbs, decide if the trip some patients may have to drive – along with staff members is worth it. Consider these factors because a long commute could result in loss of business.

2. What type of space and amount of square footage is needed?

Don’t overlook the importance of size requirements when considering your new space. Consider the status of your practice and, if partnering with other physicians, be sure to understand their space requirements as well. If you need assistance in determining your office space needs, Vintage Realty Company has an in-house construction division that would be able to evaluate your office space and offer build out suggestions tailored to your requirements. 

3. What lease term is the best?

This question is unique for every end-user depending on their current situation and needs. That said, there are several factors, including growth and budgetary constraints that will determine the duration of your lease to ensure profitability and room for expansion. Our experienced leasing agents can work as a powerful benefit to you by guiding you through the process to not only help find you the right place but also negotiate the lease terms. Below are a few key terms to consider.

  • Longer leases generally provide better negotiating power and business terms
  • The number of concessions the landlord will offer can affect your overall decision.
  • What are the annual expenses and who will be responsible for paying for them?

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2 More Bonus Questions You Need to Ask Before Leasing

4. Is it a good idea to be near other hospitals or physicians?

Beyond the obvious convenience of locating close to a hospital, you also will benefit from the patient perception that you are located in a recognized healthcare area.

5. Should I have a broker?

Having an experienced commercial brokerage and leasing advocate is in your practice’s best interest.  It is very important to get help from an expert. Our experts will assist in locating and negotiating the best terms for your practice. They have the market knowledge to save you time in searching for the right location, which will allow you to do what you do best: care for your patients.

An Exceptional Industry Reputation

Vintage has established long term relationships built on trust and confidence. Ask industry veterans or our existing clients and you will find our reputation is second to none for honesty, professionalism and solid results. We’ve built that reputation one client at a time and will continue that tradition with you.

The mission of Vintage Realty Company is to create value for its clients by realizing and exceeding their goals through an empowered team of dedicated professionals. Vintage Realty Company’s whole approach to real estate development, brokerage, leasing and management is to place primary importance on the clients’ best interest. This concept of “clients’ interest first” is the embodiment of its organizational culture and it is embraced by every member of the Vintage team.


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